About Us

Innovate. Integrate. Implement. Instruct.

Creating Differentiators.

We are pre-construction methodology pioneers providing realtime scientific-based innovation, technology based integration, tangible implementation, and world-class instruction.

Our Innovate, Integrate, Implment, and Instruct model offers a wide range of opportunities to help individuals and organizations grow. 


Our Vision

We believe in creating differentiators by using a unique combination of academic knowledge along with real-world experience to develop a culture that fosters creative thinking and innovation for the better good of the construction industry.  We value:

  • Respect
  • Fairness
  • Ethics
  • Professionalism
  • Freedom of Exploration

Our Mission

The Institute for Construction Innovation is to advance innovation to the construction industry.



Research and development in coordination with some of the top minds in the world.


Leveraging advanced technologies to build a better process.


Work with our team on your next project.


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