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08 Jul Michael Babowal 0 Uncategorized

Seifert will attend the Advanced Studies in Active Estimating and Integrated Cost Management program offered exclusively at UC Davis.

(DAVIS, CA) The Institute for Construction Innovation has awarded a scholarship to David Seifert, Branch Chief, Cost Estimates North, at Caltrans – California Department of Transportation – to attend the Advanced Studies in Estimating and Integrated Cost Management program. The program is offered exclusively at UC Davis, Continuing and Professional Education. 

Mr. Seifert was selected based on his professional experience and his dedication to enhancing the construction industry. 

Participants of UC Davis’s Advanced Studies program learn to master five main pillars: Behavior, Alignment, Process, Communication, and Analytics. The program is leading a new era in design and preconstruction. The Advanced Studies program teaches industry professionals to:

  • Transform Team Perspectives,
  • Apply Active Estimating to Achieve Targeted Costs,
  • Examines integration of new technologies available to the construction industry, 
  • Master Probability Factors that lead to Predicative Risk Mitigation,
  • Employ Analytical Strategies for accurate cost awareness,
  • Optimize Behaviors that drive Target Value Design cost certainty.

The program uses a “think-tank” approach to optimizing success within Integrated Project Teams. Participants include Owners, Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, and Trade Partners. This variety of industry professionals helps implement team dynamics efficiently within a new era in design and preconstruction. 

For more information, go to https://cpe.ucdavis.edu/certificate-program/advanced-studies-in-estimating-and-integrated-cost-management-certificate